Volunteers for education

Employees volunteering for school lessons and workshops

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, Mexico has one of the highest proportions of educationally disadvantaged children in the world. For example, around one quarter of 15-year olds lack the ability and knowledge to complete basic tasks in reading, mathematics and science. While the country is making major progress towards improving educational performance overall, Mexico is still languishing at the lower end of the education ranking list of OECD countries.

Our contribution

Linde is actively involved in making more education opportunities available in the areas around its Mexican locations – for all age groups and with a particular focus on low-income families. This includes supporting the general programme of Junior Achievement México, a charitable organisation that helps prepare children, teenagers and young adults for a successful role in the working world.

Linde employees are invited to volunteer for any of the “Passion for Community Success” programmes which assist pupils and students at primary schools, secondary schools and universities with limited financial means. Another focus of activity is providing education opportunities and advice for young unemployed women who are keen to support themselves financially.

All of the programmes adopt a playful approach to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in children, teenagers and young adults, as well as to build their self-confidence and money management skills. To support this, Linde employees visit certain lessons at school once a week or run workshops for older pupils, students and women’s groups.


  • Education opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults
  • Promoting entrepreneurial spirit and self-confidence
  • Strengthening the sense of community around company locations