Sponsorship of a cultural festival

Sponsorship of a cultural festival

Dragons over Krakow

Every summer, Krakow as the Polish centre for culture, science and technology becomes the home of dragons for two days. During the traditional dragon festival, giant mythical creatures filled with helium colourfully bring an old Polish legend to life at a family picnic, a dragon parade through the old town and a big show on the Vistula River. The spectacle captivates viewers with fireworks, music and water, light and laser effects. But the enormous dragons, which can be up to 25 metres long and 15 metres high, are the event’s biggest attraction.

© Anna Kaczmarz

The dragon festival celebrates the country’s cultural heritage and has been a real crowd-puller for years. The festival is organised by the Groteska Theatre, which has been an important institution for decades in this city on the Vistula.

Our contribution

Krakow is home to Linde’s Polish headquarters, which is why we feel a special obligation towards the city’s cultural heritage. As a main sponsor of the dragon festival, we have been providing the Groteska Theatre with financial and organisational support for years. In addition, helium from Linde is what brings the dragons to life. In 2016, Linde was awarded the title of “Patron of Krakow Culture” in the Donors category for its efforts.


  • Promoting culture
  • Contribution to intercultural dialogue
  • Supporting the attractiveness of the location