Schloss Hansenberg Boarding School

Schloss Hansenberg Boarding School

Supporting gifted students

Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg is a boarding school for the upper secondary level dedicated to supporting particularly gifted, motivated and socially competent students. Established as a public school/boarding school hybrid in cooperation with the German state of Hesse, Schloss Hansenberg has become one of Germany’s most renowned educational institutions for motivated, top-performing students.

The targeted development of individual gifts, in addition to traits such as team spirit, solidarity and tolerance, form the focus of the school’s educational concept.

Our contribution

As a technology company, we need well-qualified specialists and managers, which is why we support the education of talented young people.

In our role as a partner company within a model based on a public-private partnership, we provide Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg with more than just financial support. We also contribute to the education of talented students through our expertise in the subjects of science and economics, as well as through internships both in Germany and abroad.


  • Sponsoring the education of talented students