Safety on the streets

Safety on the streets

Training for novice drivers

Novice drivers are especially likely to be involved in an accident, as they are not yet able to accurately assess potential dangers in many cases. In Australia, people between the ages of 17 and 25 account for approximately one-quarter of traffic casualties, even though they make up only around 15 per cent of the total population. As a founding member of a road safety initiative, Linde offers young people in Australia and New Zealand driver safety training courses shortly before they take their driving test. Every year, the programme offered by the organisation Road Safety Education instructs hundreds of students between the ages of 16 and 18 in proper driving behaviour as part of practical and powerful workshops.

Our contribution

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Every year, Linde lorries clock several hundred million kilometres on the road, which is why we feel a special obligation to reduce dangers linked to lorries and vans. Our Australian subsidiary BOC has been teaming up with Road Safety Education since 2004 as one of the programme’s main sponsors. In addition, Australian employees help out every year in teaching the high school students who participate in the programme. We require our own drivers to take part in a driver safety training course, which was developed jointly with Road Safety Education.

Australia, New Zealand

  • Reducing the number of accidents involving novice drivers
  • Improving road safety