Road safety

Road safety

Training for students, teachers and bus drivers

The roads in Asia are among the most dangerous in the world. One reason for this is a lack of information about dangers on the road. We aim to do our part in making the roads in Asia safer and reducing the number of accidents.

Our contribution

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We support road safety initiatives in a number of Asian countries. Participants include Linde employees, as well as students and public transport drivers.

In Bangladesh, for example, thousands of bus and lorry drivers have taken part in our safe driving programme since 2012. As part of the programme, bus drivers receive a half day of training right at their stations. Training is focused on defensive driving and how the professional drivers can recognise fatigue in good time. Together with Malaysia’s Road Safety Department and other companies, we also launched a countrywide campaign aimed at motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are involved in more than 60 per cent of all traffic accidents on Malaysia’s roads. The campaign calls for vigilant driving and the use of protective clothing.

South East Asia

  • Reducing the number of accidents
  • Improving road safety