Support for young cancer patients

Children and young people who suffer from cancer have an uncertain future ahead of them and face great burdens. Linde employees have been supporting these patients and their families in Australia for years through their involvement with the Redkite cancer charity.

In addition to counselling and financial assistance, Redkite also offers education services for children affected by cancer, as well as emotional and bereavement support for relatives. The organisation has facilities at various locations across Australia, which means that Redkite is there for families in all major cities as well as the remote areas of the continent.

Our contribution

Through its subsidiary BOC, Linde has been a Redkite sponsor in Australia since 1998. Many of our employees also volunteer with the charity. Every year, around 100 volunteers and their families participate in Redkite initiatives and fundraising events.


  • Supporting children with cancer and their families
  • Volunteer work by employees