Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Preserving cultural heritage

Headquartered in Berlin, the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation preserves cultural treasures that range from the bust of Nefertiti to the original score of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The foundation is one of the most internationally renowned cultural institutions. It brings together the National Museums in Berlin, the Berlin State Library, the Prussian Secret State Archives, the Ibero-American Institute and the State Institute for Music Research under one roof.

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With their extensive and distinguished collections, together with a wide range of projects aimed at exploring and researching their holdings, the foundation’s institutions form unique archives of human knowledge and culture. They house some 4.7 million books, artworks and cultural objects from a variety of eras and subject areas, including works of fine art, literature and music, as well as archaeological and ethnological items. The foundation’s work focuses on preserving important artefacts from cultural and human history and making them accessible to the public. Approximately 4.5 million people visit the 15 collections of the National Museums in Berlin alone every year.

Our contribution

Linde has belonged to the circle of supporters of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation since 2005. A number of international companies are members of the board.

In addition to making an annual donation, we support the work of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation by taking part in strategic dialogue. The foundation and the board work together to develop ideas for the foundation’s activities. One example is the concept behind the Humboldt Forum, which is a centre that promotes the international exchange of knowledge in the reconstructed palace at the heart of Berlin.


  • Access to culture
  • Preserving important artefacts from cultural and human history