Protecting children around traffic

Protecting children around traffic

Lorry drivers teach children about safety around large vehicles

Every year, more than 50 children die in traffic accidents on Britain’s roads, while over 2,000 young people are injured, in some cases seriously. In light of this, Gist − one of the country’s leading logistic companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of Linde AG − launched the National Child Road Safety Programme. As part of this initiative aimed at the safety of particularly young road users, lorry drivers from the company visit schools and talk with children about how they can avoid dangerous traffic situations.

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To illustrate the message, a driver brings a lorry onto the school grounds to give children a practical demonstration of stopping distances and driver blind spots. The children have the opportunity to climb into the cab and see first-hand the view from the driver’s seat − and just how far off the ground that is.

As part of the initiative, Linde also teams up with Brake, which is a charitable organisation that advocates for road safety.

Our contribution

Every year, Linde AG transport vehicles clock hundreds of millions of kilometres on the road, which is why we feel a special obligation to continue reducing potential dangers linked to lorries and vans even further. Since our drivers know best what kinds of traffic situations can become critical, they are the perfect ambassadors for spreading the message of road safety. At the moment, ten of our sites and 40 of our lorry drivers are involved in the programme. Schools in Britain can book these presentations with Gist free of charge. To date, drivers have visited some 260 schools and taught more than 30,000 schoolchildren about road safety.

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