Projects for better living conditions

Projects for better living conditions

Support for a better life

Creating a better future through education and vocational training, a place to work and regular hot meals: we support selected projects in many countries which aim to improve the living conditions of the people there in both the short and long term.

Our contribution

In South Africa, our subsidiary Afrox has been providing support for years in the form of money, products and active personal involvement through an employee programme for projects aimed at children. For example, we donate liquid propane gas every year for some 35 kindergartens and schools so that more than 30,000 children can receive a hot meal every day. Additional projects support vocational training for young people.

In the USA, there is a long tradition of providing financial and personal support for various non-profit institutions. The projects are pooled in the countrywide programme Linde Cares. Linde Cares enables employees to volunteer at various organisations and to donate a specified amount straight from their pay cheques. Linde North America then doubles the amount raised in this way. The organisations that receive funding include United Way, which aims to ensure the basic needs of socially disadvantaged families.

Various regions

  • Ensuring basic needs and supplies
  • Enabling access to education
  • Creating apprenticeship opportunities