Linde in the classroom

Linde in the classroom

Science that sparks excitement

Well-qualified specialists are a key success factor for the technology group Linde, which is why we support the education and training of qualified engineers and innovation research projects as part of various initiatives. In addition to this, we also support projects that spark interest in technology and science among children, who are the researchers and engineers of tomorrow.

Our contribution

Linde employees volunteer in educational projects in various regions. In Germany, for example, Linde has been providing support for the KiTec – Kinder entdecken Technik [children discovering technology] project since 2007 as a member of Wissensfabrik [knowledge factory], an association promoting education and entrepreneurship. Since 2015, Linde employees have been conducting teacher training workshops on a voluntary basis. Primary school children use a technology kit to build small structures and vehicles and, in the process, learn about the physical connections while having fun. What is more, they also acquire basic knowledge of automotive, structural and electrical engineering and learn team spirit – experiences and skills that may prove decisive in terms of their career choice later in life.

Various regions

  • Sparking excitement for natural science and technology
  • Volunteer work by employees