Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow

Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow


When it comes to the innovation competition known as the Shell Eco-marathon, the focus is squarely on eco-friendly driving. Student teams, including some from vocational schools, from across the world battle it out to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car.

After a year of preparation, the young engineers face off in a competition of innovation by racing their self-built vehicles. Whoever travels the farthest with the least amount of fuel wins.

Our contribution

Linde equips all teams that use a fuel cell as the drive system for their competition vehicle with hydrogen gas cylinders that are ready to install. Engineers from the company support the students by sharing their technical expertise concerning how to safely refuel the vehicles, checking for potential leaks in the motors and monitoring driving performance. The competition enables the engineers of tomorrow to gather practical experience. Besides setting new records for the longest distances travelled while driving in a climate-friendly manner, the innovation competition also makes a contribution to the qualified training of young engineers who are passionate about eco-friendly mobility.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of hydrogen plants, we cover the entire range of technology needed to successfully use hydrogen as an energy carrier – from manufacture to refuelling. To date, Linde has equipped some 90 filling stations in 15 countries with innovative hydrogen refuelling technology. In addition, we are developing ways to manufacture hydrogen without carbon, for example through wind energy.

Europe, Asia, Americas

  • Promoting environmentally friendly technologies
  • Support for the training and education of young engineers