Healthy lungs

Healthy lungs

Research and information on respiratory diseases

The incidence of respiratory diseases in the developed world is rising as a result of environmental influences, an unhealthy lifestyle and higher life expectancy. Research on diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and pulmonary fibrosis is still in the beginning stages, however.

We support scientific and medical facilities in various countries in their efforts to advance with research in this field. We believe it is especially important to build a bridge between the research community and hospitals so that researchers’ findings make their way to patients faster. In the process, we team up with organisations whose objective is to raise awareness of the dangers of respiratory diseases and how to prevent them, and which seek to step up research efforts in this field.

Our contribution

Our products and services make a difference in the lives of patients and to healthcare partners in the care continuum from hospital to home. As a global leader specialising along an integrated respiratory care path, we feel a special obligation towards lung and respiratory health. We want to increase awareness of these diseases and support efforts to find suitable treatments, which is why we support scientific and medical facilities, as well as non-profit organisations, in various countries. As a result, Linde Healthcare collaborates in Spain with the Barcelona Respiratory Network and a number of different hospitals. In Portugal, we have been teaming up with the Portuguese Lung Foundation for years. Among other things, we have supported the foundation in carrying out an awareness campaign at schools about the risks of smoking.

The American Lung Association (ALA) benefits every year from Linde Cares, which is a campaign that enables employees to donate to the organisation straight from their pay cheques. Linde North America then doubles the amount donated in this way.

Through our REALfund initiative, we award grants to researchers every year around the world. Grant projects have the potential to significantly improve the lives of patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

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