Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum

Protecting a fascinating world of technology

The Deutsches Museum in Munich – the world’s largest museum of technology – is a major public attraction. The complex, which is located in the middle of the city on an island in the Isar River, attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a year, making it one of the most popular museums in Germany. In total, more than 90 million people have visited the Deutsches Museum since it was first opened. Some 28,000 items from around 50 scientific and technological fields are displayed there across 73,000 square metres. Approximately 80,000 exhibits wait in storage to be presented to museum visitors.

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Due to its advanced age, the building complex is in urgent need of refurbishment. The museum, which was established in 1903, received only provisional repairs following the Second World War and has not undergone a complete renovation since then. The permanent exhibitions featuring many complex and valuable pieces also need to be updated.

The Deutsches Museum Future Initiative was launched to ensure that the Deutsches Museum remains a leading international venue for exhibitions in natural science and technology. The initiative’s aim is to secure a stable source of financing for the redevelopment measures. Linde is one of the founding companies of the Future Initiative.

Our contribution

The Deutsches Museum and Linde share a long history together, as company founder Carl von Linde was involved in the development of the museum. In 1903, Carl von Linde was appointed to the museum’s board and served in this role until the age of 80 in 1921.

As a founding company of the Future Initiative, Linde has donated EUR 5 million altogether to the refurbishment of the Deutsches Museum.


  • Access to countless exhibits from across centuries of technological history
  • Refurbishment of the museum