Carl von Linde Academy

Carl von Linde Academy

New horizons for engineers and scientists

Business ethics, innovation risks, cultural competence – engineers and natural scientists have to grapple with topics that go far beyond their professional training. This is why the Technical University of Munich (TUM), one of the top universities of its kind in the world, established the Carl von Linde Academy. The central institute offers interdisciplinary workshops and seminars to students from various fields. The aim of these workshops and seminars is to help students develop abilities that go beyond their specialised knowledge in order to successfully meet the professional and social challenges of science and technology in the 21st century. The Carl von Linde Academy also provides further training for lecturers and organises public lecture series.

Our contribution

In honour of the company’s 125th anniversary in 2004, we provided endowment funds of more than EUR 8 million for establishing the Carl von Linde Academy. In taking this step, we carried on an old tradition: Our company founder, Carl von Linde, was a professor of mechanical engineering at the recently founded Royal Bavarian Polytechnic School of Munich, which is now the Technical University of Munich. In 1879, he struck out on his own as an entrepreneur, but returned to the Technical University in 1890. Carl von Linde succeeded in building bridges between science and business, in addition to laying important groundwork for the successful development of entire industrial sectors. One particular concern of his was society’s response to innovations of his day. The company founder both taught and embraced responsibility for personal actions. The Carl von Linde Academy aims to teach these skills, particularly to students from the fields of natural science and engineering at the Technical University of Munich.


  • Enhancing the interdisciplinary qualifications of university students
  • Further training for lecturers
  • Public lecture series on research topics