Bavarian State Opera

Bavarian State Opera

Commitment to Munich as a city of culture

With more than 2,000 seats, 600,000 visitors a year and over 300 events per season, Munich’s Bavarian State Opera is one of the world’s premier opera houses, which boasts a proud 350-year history. Reconstruction of the neoclassical building from 1958 to 1963 cost around DM 60 million and was paid for in part by donations from the public. To this day, the people of Munich have a strong bond with “their” opera house, which plays a significant role in Munich’s reputation as one of the major international cities of culture.

Our contribution

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As a company whose headquarters are located in Munich, we have been supporting the work of the Bavarian State Opera since 2007 in our role as season partner. Linde employees have the opportunity to go on tours and get a glimpse behind the scenes, and to attend select ballet and opera rehearsals, as well as events for families and children. Linde employees also have the privilege of ordering opera tickets before advance booking is made available to the public.


  • Promoting culture at the Munich location
  • Access to high-calibre music events