Customer relationships

With our gases and services, we are a partner to more than two million customers around the world in virtually all industry sectors. A third of the revenue of our Gases Division is derived from around 500 major customers, who are the focus of our efforts. We work constantly to enhance customer satisfaction and to create the greatest possible customer loyalty. To ensure that we meet our customer promises, we analyse success factors worldwide from which we can learn lessons and communicate them to other business units.

Customer segmentation within the Gases Division








Food & beverages

Chemistry & energy

Metallurgy & glass

Manu­facturing industry




Aquaculture & water treatment


Glass & fibre optics



Hospital care

Education & research


Fine & petro­chemistry

Heat treatment








Heavy construction & machinery

Screen manu­facturing

Gas therapies



Other chemistry


Light metal fab. & prod.

LED manu­facturing

Care concepts




Other metallurgy & glass

Other manu­facturing




Since 2016, we have implemented a variety of initiatives which aim to optimise our customer focus and our order processing. In 2017, we launched additional projects in various business units which seek to make long-term improvements in our customers’ experience of Linde. The projects were based on a customer survey in 2015 in the twelve countries in which our Gases Division generates the most revenue. The improvement projects focused on areas such as responding efficiently to customer queries about delivery information and about the availability of products and services. Since 2016, we have also introduced a process whereby we can conduct annual customer surveys in the 29 countries in which our Gases Division generates the most revenue. These countries account for around 80 percent of our revenue in the liquefied gases and cylinder gas product area. Each year, the employees responsible in those countries are able to record and monitor the progress made as a result of their efforts in the various customer segments and to compare it with prior years.

During the reporting period, we also implemented our Customer Experience Management Programme in those countries. This programme enables customers to give us feedback on our performance (for example, while delivering gases) using a variety of channels. Since its launch in 2016, we have received more than 400,000 submissions, which we record and analyse. The feedback we receive has a direct influence on improvement processes for our products and services and in many cases it also leads to us making direct contact with the customer. Moreover, we organise events for our customers, so that we can gain an even better understanding of their needs. We are also expanding our offerings in the digital realm. In the 17 countries which are most important to us, our customers can contact us using an e-commerce platform and can use it, among other things, to order new products.

We also conduct surveys in our Healthcare segment. Since 2014, we have been conducting a twice-yearly global survey of patients in the Linde REMEO® programme who rely on long-term ventilation in special REMEO® centres or in their own homes on how satisfied they are with the services provided. The patients are asked to rate such aspects as the care they receive from medical and nursing staff, the catering and the rooms at the centres. In 2017, 673 patients took part in the survey. Based on the results of the survey, strengths and potential improvements are identified, successful models communicated and improvement projects launched in various countries.

As far as security of customer data is concerned, we are working towards implementing the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation by May 2018. We have therefore launched a variety of initiatives which aim to review our systems and to introduce the technical and organisational measures which will be required to ensure that we minimise any potential risks.

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