The following content explains how to find information in our Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 and how best to use the various online services which are available.


Navigating this report
The light blue menu bar which runs across the top of your screen is the main point of access to the contents of this report. It lists the most important chapters. When you roll over one of these top-level entries, a drop-down list appears with the chapters under that heading. When you click on one of these top-level entries, a navigation tree with the chapters appears on the left of your screen. There are other navigation options:

  • Full-text search engine displaying search results in a navigation tree
  • Links within text blocks
  • Links beneath the text taking you to related information within the report
  • Links beneath the text taking you to relevant sources beyond the report

Accordion menus
If the text on a page is long, you can use accordion menus. This is where the text is partially hidden behind a collapsed menu. When you click the menu, the text is revealed. You can also reveal or hide all text at once. To do this, click "Open all paragraphs" or "Close all paragraphs".

The sitemap provides an overview of the report structure, showing the most important pages and sub-pages. You can click on these pages to access them directly. The map is located at the bottom of your screen.

Search functionality

Full-text search
The full-text search feature is located at the top right-hand corner of your screen. You will see a magnifying glass icon next to a blank text field. This feature enables you to search the whole report for specific words or phrases. The search bar directly above the results list enables you to switch quickly between the individual results pages; it is also a quick way to return to the search results.

Use of search operators
You can run a more complex search using a compound search term. The following operators can be used:

  • "and" – Enter two or more search items separated only by blank spaces to search for pages containing all of those terms.
  • “or" – Enter the "|" operator to search for documents containing one or more of the search items.
  • “not" – Enter the "-" (minus) operator to exclude a certain item from the search.

Service functions

Recommend this page
Click this icon at the right of your screen to email this page’s URL to someone else. The send form will open in a new browser window.

Print this page
Click this icon at the right of your screen to print the contents of the current page. The print preview is displayed in a new browser window. As an option, you may choose to print without images (this will save printer toner).

Download manager
This feature at the right of your screen enables you to save PDF and XLS files directly or to bookmark various PDF and XLS files and add them to a ZIP archive to be downloaded later. It also provides an overview of your bookmarked files. In addition, you can use this function to download the entire contents of the report as a single PDF document.

Print manager
You can use the print manager feature to identify individual sub-pages for printing later. It also provides an overview of your bookmarked files. You can print individual pages or all pages at once.

The Downloads option at the bottom of your screen lists all PDF and XLS report files available for download, in each case showing the number of pages and file size. Here you can download either the entire report as a single PDF or individual PDFs of the various chapters. Similarly, you can download all tables in a single XLS file or individual tables as single XLS files.

Interactive comparison of key figures
This interactive feature at the right of your screen displays key financial indicators from the past five years. By clicking the key financial indicators and years you would like to compare, you can generate your own individual tables, bar charts or line graphs. You can also click on Interactive charts under Key figures in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen to compare key figures.

Previous report
Click this icon on the right of your screen to view the corresponding content in the previous year’s Corporate Responsibility Report.

Printed copy of the report

The complete Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 is also available as a PDF document. It features an indexed table of contents so you can jump directly to the chapter of interest to you. You can also browse through the contents and jump back to the table of contents.

Other features

You can roll your mouse over certain items to display additional information:

  • Text: Click the highlighted terms to display an explanation in a glossary box.
  • Tables: The "Key figures" section contains key indicators displayed in a table. Click a row in the table to display the figures in graph form. The dynamic graphics feature at the top of the page must be activated for this to work.

Audited information
Selected non-financial key indicators in this report have been assured by KPMG. The assured indicators have been marked with a blue tick in the tables. For more information on the scope and work undertaken, please click on "Assurance".

Terms of use
The Terms of use contain relevant legal information concerning reporting, covering issues such as data protection.