Safety & environmental protection

Safety and environmental protection

Safety is a highly relevant topic for Linde. In several countries in 2016, we supported road safety initiatives, most of which were aimed at schoolchildren. For example since 2004, when we were one of the founding members of a road safety initiative in Australia and New Zealand, we have provided safety training for over 400,000 young people in those countries learning to drive. In 2016, around 50,000 school pupils took part in the scheme. In Malaysia, working together with the country’s road safety ministry and with other companies, we launched a three-year nationwide campaign aimed at motorcyclists. Motorcyclists are involved in more than 60 percent of all traffic accidents on Malaysia’s roads. The campaign promotes careful riding and the use of protective clothing.

In some countries, our Group and our employees are also active in environmental protection, taking part for example in reforestation projects in Asia.