Health, social & cultural issues

Health, social and cultural issues

As a producer of medical gases, we are particularly committed to the issue of health, especially pulmonary and respiratory health. We therefore support a selection of scientific and medical institutions and charitable organisations in various countries, such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Australia.

In many countries, we participate in selected projects which have a direct and long-term impact on local living conditions for people. For many years we have, for example, been supporting projects for children in South Africa via an employee programme which comprises cash donations, donations in kind and voluntary work. One of the ways we can help every year is by donating propane gas. In 2016, we donated propane gas for around 35 nursery schools and schools, so that more than 30,000 children could be given a hot meal. Other projects invest in training for young people.

At our Corporate Centre, the focus in 2016 was on the promotion of projects supporting refugees fleeing war and crisis zones. We also organised 54 internships for refugees in Germany in 2016. Four of these interns were taken on as trainees. We created these traineeships in addition to our regular traineeships. In 2016, we also provided funds for disaster relief: for example, for the victims of the flood in the US state of Louisiana and the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador.

We act as a partner for a variety of cultural events and institutions near our business locations. In Munich, home to our Corporate Centre, we are a founding member of the Deutsches Museum Future Initiative, the aim of which is to modernise the largest technology museum in the world. By 2018, we will have provided financial backing of EUR 5 m for this cause. We also promote quality of life at our business locations. This is demonstrated by our support for selected opera houses and cultural events.