Education & research

Education and research

We support technical and science education projects and educational institutions in many countries. In 2004, we provided foundation capital of more than EUR 8 m to set up the Carl von Linde Academy at the Technical University of Munich. This institution offers engineering and science students the opportunity to acquire key skills which complement their academic subjects, covering areas such as business ethics, risks associated with innovation, and cultural competence. By the end of 2016, around 22,000 students had taken part in courses provided by the Academy.

Competitions and scholarships

As part of our commitment to educational and research projects, we encourage young people to take part in technology and science competitions and we award selected scholarships to school pupils and young scientists. In 2016, for the sixth consecutive year, we sponsored the Shell Eco-marathon, a competition for young engineers which takes place every year in Europe, the Americas and Asia and promotes energy-efficient mobility. Once again, we assumed responsibility for supplying the hydrogen to fill the fuel cell vehicles used in the competition. Our engineers supported the event organisers and participants – students from vocational schools and universities all over the world – through their technical expertise. During the reporting year, a competition for young engineers was also held in China. More than 20 of our employees helped a team of pupils taking part in a technology competition called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) to build a robot. Around 2,000 young people in total participated in the competition.

Through our REALfund initiative, we awarded three research grants in 2016 to scientists in Germany and the United States. The projects selected have the potential to make a significant difference to the lives of patients with chronic respiratory disorders.

Support for training

A well-trained and skilled workforce is crucial to the success of Linde as a technology group. In various regions, we are therefore keen to promote a number of projects which spark an interest in mathematics, IT, science and technology in children, adolescents and young adults.

In Finland, we are a founding member of Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, which helps around 300,000 children and adults every year to learn more about the world of science and technology in an entertaining way. In 2016, we provided the centre with liquefied nitrogen and dry ice for its demonstrations of gases in everyday life.

Our production sites were also used in many countries for teaching during the year. In the UK for example, seven school classes visited a production site for air separation plants. In addition, employees gave demonstrations about the physical properties of liquefied nitrogen and oxygen to schools and told the children how they were used in everyday life. More than 500 children took part in the two activities.

In several countries, we support welding technology schools and training centres by providing the necessary equipment and expertise – especially in regions with a low average income. In South Africa, for example, we provided the necessary equipment in 2016 to open a welding technology school which focuses on training unemployed young people.