Social commitment

Key figures


2.7 m EUR

donated to charitable causes

Social commitment



engaged in voluntary work


>1 million

children, pupils and students reached

by a variety of initiatives

We are involved in numerous projects near our business locations worldwide. Our main focus is on education and research. In addition, we support a variety of initiatives relating to safety, environmental protection, health, and social and cultural affairs. Cross-regional involvement in such projects is managed by our Corporate Centre, while local measures are coordinated by employees in the region concerned. In 2016, we provided funding of around EUR 7.8 m for projects and initiatives worldwide, of which around EUR 2.7 m was donated by the Group. As a result of our social commitment during the year under review, we were able to reach more than 1 million children, school pupils and students. We support the voluntary work of our employees in various ways, which include granting staff time off work and in some regions matching employees’ donations. In 2016, we supported over 750 of our employees around the world in such ways.