Strategy and targets

New safety strategy adopted and transport safety target made more specific

Increasing safety awareness

Workshops held for 190 managers on how to promote safety-conscious behaviour in their employees

We operate a safety management system based on standards and guidelines which apply worldwide. The focus is on eliminating risks for our employees, business partners, neighbours and other third parties as far as possible.

Audits are conducted to verify compliance with the prescribed standards at our business locations. Incidents which have particular relevance for safety in order to identify areas of weakness are recorded worldwide. In addition, we document near misses from which we can learn lessons. We prepare for events which might occur, such as natural disasters, serious crime and pandemics, by drawing up risk management plans. When doing so, cooperations with the municipalities in the areas surrounding our business locations are key. In the course of 2016, we carried out safety training or emergency drills at over 90 sites worldwide, for example in conjunction with fire brigades or other local organisations.

In 2016, the Executive Board revised our safety strategy, introducing measures for improvement covering the years 2017 to 2020. We also continued to engage in numerous activities to support our safety culture. Again in the reporting year, safety targets were set for all executives in the operating business units. These targets were linked to salaries, so as to increase the sense of personal responsibility of those executives for safety at work. Furthermore, we held workshops during the year for around 190 managers in all regions and divisions to teach them how to promote safety-conscious behaviour. It is planned that all managers will have received this training by the end of 2017. In addition, we have implemented many other training programmes and awareness-raising activities with a regional focus, in order to continue to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace and traffic accidents occurring in the course of our business operations.

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In line with the information in the Financial Report 2016, the figures provided for the years 2015 and 2016 exclude the business of the logistics service provider Gist, as it has been reported as a discontinued operation.

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