Winning talent

Winning talent

We work with universities and research institutions worldwide to attract qualified students and graduates and to retain them long term. We also provide training opportunities in various technical and commercial areas as well as programmes for trainees. The number of apprentices and trainees as a proportion of the total number of Linde employees was 0.8 percent in 2016 (2015: 0.9 percent), of which 54.7 percent (2015: 52.3 percent) were in non-German companies. In Germany, we offer training in 25 (2015: 21) different professions. During the reporting year, 103 apprentices and trainees were recruited in Germany (2015: 82). In 2016, we took on 36 percent (2015: 50 percent) of one year’s cohort of apprentices and trainees in Germany as permanent employees at the end of their vocational training and we offered a further 51 percent (2015: 47 percent) a fixed-term contract. Most of the apprentices and trainees who left us after completing their training are pursuing further studies at school, college or university.

In addition, the new cohort of our European Graduate Programme started in autumn 2016. This programme offers talented young people the opportunity to work in Linde subsidiaries in different countries to gain practical insights into various areas of the Group.

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In line with the information in the Financial Report 2016, the figures provided for the years 2015 and 2016 exclude the business of the logistics service provider Gist, as it has been reported as a discontinued operation.

Employees who attended training opportunities 










Average training days per employee










Average expenditure on training programmes per employee









Apprentices and trainees in total workforce










Apprentices and trainees in Germany










During the reporting year, we continued to expand our activities aimed at winning talented employees, for example by stepping up our online marketing directed at this target group.

Professional development

We invested around EUR 8.5 m in 2016 (2015: EUR 13.5 m) in the professional development of our staff. Our professional development offerings are provided through our Linde University programme. These cover such subject areas as personnel management, intercultural communications and diversity. As part of the Group-wide Lean Six Sigma programme, we provide our employees with training to enable them to tap into improvement potential in all areas of the Group. In 2016, training courses for Lean Six Sigma Black Belts were provided in Europe and Asia. In addition, we delivered two methodology training programmes for innovation project managers in Europe for the first time .

We continued during the year to apply our globally standardised succession planning process. In the course of this process, discussions take place about the performance and potential of employees. Individual development plans are also agreed. This is how we seek to ensure that vacancies for the most important positions are duly filled.

In 2016, the first employees also completed our Future Manager Programme. This programme targets employees who have the potential to assume their first management position. It was launched during the year in the EMEA region.We also offer programmes designed to prepare employees for management roles in many other regions.