CEO statement

CEO statement

Ladies and Gentlemen (handwriting)
Dr. Wolfgang Büchele – Chief Executive Officer of Linde AG (photo)

Our approach to corporate responsibility involves responsibility along the value chain, making sustainability an integral part of our business. One example of this is our commitment to the efficient use of resources. As an energy-intensive company, we continuously work on reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In 2015, we identified around 200 projects at our business locations worldwide which will contribute towards achieving these reductions. Moreover, we have set ourselves a new target. By the year 2020, we want to avoid a total of 6 m tonnes of CO2 emissions compared with 2009.

The greatest contribution to sustainability comes from our products. Linde technologies and services frequently combine economic benefit with a contribution to environmental protection or help to improve quality of life. Our customers were able to avoid more than 30 m tonnes of CO2 in 2015 by using just two key Linde applications: for example, by improving efficiency in combustion processes. Through various projects and collaborations, we are promoting the use of hydrogen in the field of environmentally friendly mobility. In July 2015, the world’s largest plant for generating green hydrogen in Mainz Energy Park in Germany came on stream - a lighthouse project for the use of renewable energy. The hydrogen can be stored and used later: for example, to generate electricity. We are also involved in a number of research projects looking at how environmentally harmful CO2 can be captured and stored.

Sustainability thus becomes an important investment in the development of our Group. Our support for the United Nations Global Compact is another expression of our commitment to sustainability. The principles of the Global Compact include environmental protection, respect for human rights and workers’ rights, and combating corruption. We are convinced that long-term economic success will only be achieved by entities acting responsibly along the value chain. We are committed to this approach and we would like to discuss this subject with you in future.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Wolfgang Büchele – Chief Executive Officer of Linde AG (handwriting)

Dr Wolfgang Büchele
Chief Executive Officer of Linde AG