Labour & social standards

Labour standards and human rights

Linde commits to the principles of the UN Human Rights Charter. We also seek to ensure that working conditions worldwide within the Group comply with the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and with other international obligations and industry standards. We conduct regular reviews across all regions to establish whether processes have been set up to ensure compliance with labour standards. Our Group guidelines take human rights into account. These guidelines include the Code of Conduct, purchasing guidelines and purchasing agreements, the Integrity Line policy and Group risk management. In the Linde Group position on human rights adopted in 2014, we describe the processes which confirm our commitment.

Over the past three years, more than 200 audits have been conducted at the Group’s business locations which covered social topics such as the avoidance of child labour and the provision of safe, fair working conditions. To detect potential weaknesses, we also evaluate the information we receive from our Integrity Line. This is a service which can be used by employees and external stakeholders to report any breaches of the Group’s commitment. Around 26 percent of the reports received via the hotline in 2015 related to human resources issues. In various regions, we took steps during the reporting year to raise employee awareness: for example, more than 650 employees in India attended training on workplace harassment.