Customer relationships

Customer relations

One of the key elements of our corporate strategy is a strong customer focus. We develop gases applications and services that are tailored to the needs of our customers and we are a partner to companies in virtually all industry sectors. We supply gases to more than 2 million customers worldwide. One-third of the revenue of our Gases Division is derived from around 500 major customers. These customers are the focus of our key customer management, which is active at global, regional and country level. A team of experts monitors local activities and passes on information about new developments, initiatives and improvement measures. This dialogue enables us to increase transparency, learn from one another and share success stories worldwide.

We have implemented a global improvement programme for handling customer feedback. This is intended to ensure that:

  • customer complaints are recorded and processed promptly and properly followed up;
  • the response to customer complaints is appropriate and systematically resolves the issues raised;
  • the customer is informed about the action being taken to prevent a recurrence of the situation.

Customer segmentation within the Gases Division

Food & beverages

Chemistry & energy

Metallurgy & glass

Manu­facturing industry




Aquaculture & Water Treatment


Glass & Fibre Optics



Hospital Care

Education & Research


Fine & Petro­chemistry

Heat Treatment








Heavy Construction & Machinery

Chip Packaging

Gas Therapies



Other Chemistry


Light Metal Fab. & Prod.


Care Concepts




Other Metallurgy & Glass

Other manu­facturing




In 2014, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey in the 12 countries in which Linde generates the most revenue. On the basis of the survey findings, we launched more than 70 projects across all our divisions. The aim is to continue to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, we decided in 2014 to implement throughout the Group a pilot project conducted in 2013. In the countries in which we generate the most revenue, customers will in future be asked to provide feedback immediately following a transaction: e.g. after the goods or services have been delivered or once the customer has received an invoice. Moreover, in 2015 we are planning to conduct a survey of selected patient groups about their level of satisfaction with our goods and services we offer. Linde’s homecare segment is currently looking after around 1.5 million patients worldwide.

In 2014, Linde again received recognition from a number of different business partners. In the United States, we received an award from a long-standing customer in the food industry for our joint development of a more environmentally friendly and more efficient solution for the supply of liquefied nitrogen. One of the benefits of this solution is that it reduces delivery distances by around 35,000 miles per year. The award is part of this customer’s corporate responsibility programme for suppliers.