Winning talent

Winning talent

The recruitment of well-trained experts and the provision of continuing professional development for existing employees are key pillars of our human resources strategy. We cooperate with universities and research institutions around the world in order to attract newly qualified graduates embarking on their careers. Our Engineering Division, for example, has been collaborating with Dresden International University since 2008 on a bachelor’s degree for installation engineers which includes a work experience element. To date, most of the students who have completed this course have joined us once they have finished their studies. In the South & East Asia region, we concluded our first graduate programme in 2014 where the students completing the programme will be placed in several different countries in the region.

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As a result of the first-time application of the revised accounting standards, the sites in the scope of our reporting changed in the 2013 financial year. Accordingly, the key financial, environmental and employee KPIs for 2012 were adjusted retrospectively. In addition, the KPIs for employees, occupational health and safety and environmental protection for the year 2012 were retrospectively adjusted to account for the effects of the acquisition of the US homecare company Lincare.

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Linde also provides training opportunities in various technical and commercial areas. In Germany alone, we offer training in 18 different professions. In 2014, 47 percent of one year’s cohort of apprentices and trainees in Germany were taken on as permanent employees at the end of their vocational training and a further 43 percent were offered a fixed-term contract. The number of apprentices and trainees as a proportion of the total number of Linde employees was 0.9 percent in 2014, of which 56 percent were in non-German companies. The proportion of total employees made up by apprentices and trainees in Germany was 3.2 percent. We revised our human resource plans relating to new positions for apprentices and trainees in Germany in the course of the reporting year.

In 2014, we convened 100 focus groups comprising employees from 15 countries on the subject of being an attractive employer. We will be able to use the results of these focus groups to strengthen and enhance our reputation as an employer still further.

Continuing professional development

We invested around EUR 15 million in the continuing professional development of our employees in 2014. We deliver Group-wide professional development programmes through Linde University. These focus on subject areas such as leadership, intercultural communications and diversity. Since the programme was launched, more than 20,000 Linde staff have attended training courses at Linde University. As part of the Group-wide Six Sigma programme, we provide employee training on successfully identifying opportunities for optimisation in operating and administrative processes. In 2014, more than 2,300 employees took part in these training courses. As a result of this programme, over 1,000 optimisation projects were completed during the reporting year, leading to cost savings of around EUR 70 million. Regional activities complement the global programme. All Linde employees in Ecuador, for example, completed a training programme in 2014 on handling change processes.