Social commitment

Social commitment




attended the road safety programme of our logistics division Gist


children, school pupils and students

reached by our projects

2.8 million


donated for social causes



attended the Carl von Linde Academy



in Africa

We are involved in a variety of projects across the world, focusing on regions and initiatives which are linked with our business activities. Above all, we are committed to projects in the field of education. We also promote projects close to our business locations, covering areas such as safety, environmental protection, health and social affairs. The activities selected are based on the needs which have been identified in the regions where we operate. Cross-regional involvement in such projects is managed by our Corporate Centre, while local initiatives are coordinated by managers in the region concerned. In 2014, we provided funding of more than EUR 6.6 million for projects and initiatives worldwide, of which around EUR 2.8 million was donated by us. This allowed us to support more than 200 projects. As a result of our social commitment during the reporting year, we were able to reach, among others, over 100,000 children, school pupils and students.

As well as providing financial resources, Linde also donates products for charitable purposes. In several regions, we donated medical gases or medical devices in 2014 to charities. We are a global partner in the Shell Eco-marathon, an annual competition designed to promote sustainable mobility. We supplied the hydrogen to fill the fuel-cell vehicles used in this competition. Our employees are also engaged in volunteering. We support this by granting staff time off work and, in some regions, by matching employees’ donations. In North America, for example, more than 140 employees took part in around 15 social projects in 2014.

Access to education

Linde provided foundation capital of over EUR 8 million to set up the Carl von Linde Academy at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). By the end of the 2014 summer semester, more than 15,000 students had attended courses offered by the Academy. The principal aim of the institution is to provide engineering, IT and natural science students with key skills that extend beyond the limits of their theoretical subjects, covering such areas as business ethics and innovation. Linde has also formed a public-private partnership with the Schloss Hansenberg boarding school (ISH) in Hessen, Germany. The school fosters the talents of pupils with particularly strong academic and social skills. We have been involved with ISH since 2004 and more than 550 pupils have completed their schooling there during this time. In 2014, Linde embarked on a cooperative venture with a number of technical schools in South Africa. The local Linde subsidiary donated around EUR 90,000 for the renovation of training centres for welding technology and for teacher training.

We also sponsor scientific and technical exhibitions, experiments and competitions in several countries. In Munich, home to the Group’s Corporate Centre, Linde is one of the founding members of the Deutsches Museum Future Initiative, the aim of which is to modernise the largest technology museum in the world. We are supporting the initiative with financial backing which will total EUR 5 million by 2018. In keeping with the importance we place on safety, we are involved in a number of traffic education schemes across several countries. In 2014, more than 15,000 children took part in the Child Road Safety Programme organised by Gist, our logistics division. As part of this programme, truck drivers visit primary schools, bringing their vehicles with them, and talk to pupils about road traffic risks.

Ameliorating living conditions and improving health

In many countries, we sponsor projects which seek to improve living conditions for the people in that particular region. In 2014, for example, we supported around 40 local initiatives in Africa specifically designed to help socially disadvantaged children. In Mexico, we are sponsoring an initiative which creates jobs for women in a recycling project.

In 2014, we awarded three grants from our REALfund. The beneficiaries of these REALfund grants are three scientists working on projects that have the potential to make significant improvements to the lives of patients with chronic respiratory disease.