Values and global standards

Values and principles underlie the way we do business. These are set out in the Linde Spirit. Our four key corporate values define how we plan to move towards our goals. Our four fundamental principles define issues of key importance in this context.

Our values



Empowering people

People are given the space to contribute and grow.

Innovating for customers

We relentlessly pursue new ways to add value to external customers.

Thriving through diversity

Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions.

Passion to excel

We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever higher standards of excellence and we celebrate success.

Our principles




The Linde Group will avoid to harm people and society.


Our actions are honest, fair and ethical.


We are focused on today’s success, but accept our responsibility for future generations.


Every human being deserves to be treated with respect.

Global guidelines and standards

In our internal guidelines and directives, we determine how we implement our principles throughout the Group. Our Code of Ethics defines clear standards that govern the way our employees interact with each other as well as our conduct towards customers, suppliers, authorities and other business partners. The Code of Ethics is binding for all employees of The Linde Group. Our Code of Ethics is supplemented by other global guidelines and standards that further outline the Group’s commitment in core areas, including global guidelines on safety, the environment, health, supplier management and compliance.

Human rights

In our Code of Ethics, we commit to the principles of the Human Rights Charter of the United Nations. As a participant of the UN Global Compact, Linde also supports the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In 2013, we continued to investigate the extent to which the Group’s global guidelines take compliance with human rights into account. The guidelines and processes audited and adapted so far include the Code of Ethics; the procurement guidelines, conditions and agreements; the Integrity Line policy and Enterprise Risk Management. During the period under review, the Executive Board of Linde AG also passed a statement on human rights for the Group, in which we reaffirm our support of human rights and describe Group processes that substantiate this commitment.