Key material issues

To identify material topics for the Group, we are constantly evaluating issues which have an impact on our success, presenting us with either risks or opportunities. We also examine topics of particular interest to our stakeholders. On the basis of this materiality analysis, we determine focus areas for our sustainability management. We consider a wide range of sources, including the dialogue between the Group and our customers and shareholders, enquiries from other stakeholders, political and legal developments, and media analysis. Within the Group, we draw on findings from employee surveys, internal workshops with specialists and strategy experts, and on insights from interdisciplinary working groups. During this process, one of the aspects we consider is information about environmental and social risks identified by our Enterprise Risk Management. When selecting focus areas, we follow internationally recognised standards and recommendations in sustainability management, such as the principles of the UN Global Compact and capital market requirements for sustainable business practices. The findings of the materiality analysis serve as a basis for the decisions of our Corporate Responsibility Council and improvements to our reporting procedures.

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