Group operating profit: around EUR 4 billion


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Group operating profit:
EUR 5 billion and reported ROCE of around 13 percent


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Further reductions in total gross costs of between EUR 750 million and EUR 900 million


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Expansion of compliance programme


Global Code of Conduct for Suppliers introduced to prevent ecological, social and compliance risks in the supply chain

Compliance refresher training introduced to ensure that employees refresh their compliance knowledge regularly

More than 42,500 e-learning sessions on the Code of Ethics and around 7,500 e-learning sessions on anti-trust law held by the end of 2013

More than 10,000 participants received on-site training from qualified trainers

Full-time compliance officers answered more than 3,500 inquiries


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Sustainability assessment of the supply chain


External analysis of sustainability risks performed with a focus on country and product risks in our supply chain


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Consolidation and complementation of existing sustainability requirements in a global supplier code of conduct


Global Code of Conduct for Suppliers approved

100 percent of new Linde Engineering suppliers required to follow the new code in 2013


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Raising awareness on the importance of sustainability in the supply chain among procurement managers and suppliers


Procurement staff trained on implementation of the new Code of Conduct for Suppliers


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Sustainable investment





Qualification of Linde for the most renowned sustainability indices


Linde once again included in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World)

Linde once again included in the regional Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Linde included in the Global Compact 100 Index


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Development of products and technologies that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development


Mobile system for the treatment of ship emissions developed

500-bar compressed-gas/hydrogen trailer developed to make transporting larger quantities of hydrogen more efficient

Plan of action for the development of around 400 hydrogen fuelling stations in Germany by 2023 signed together with five partners from the energy and automotive industry


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Definition, collection and reporting of additional sustainability indicators


Further indicators included in the corporate responsibility report

Scope of independent assurance extended to include new indicators


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Inclusion of stakeholder requirements in sustainability management activities


Follow-up measures on the employee survey 2012 completed

Next global employee survey planned for 2014

3,600 sustainability inquires from stakeholders answered

800 individual conversations, 24 conferences and 38 roadshows with financial analysts and investors

Several events with scientific experts in Germany and Italy on the use of renewable energies and hydrogen as an environmentally friendly fuel


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