Site safety





Standardised risk review for sites and definition of control mechanisms to minimise risks to the greatest possible extent (Major Hazards Review Programme, MHRP)

Long-term goal

76 percent of sites concerned certified in line with MHRP by the end of 2013


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Transport safety initiative

  • Adoption of all local and global minimum operating standards for transport
  • Integration of transport standards in a global database
  • Training on revised standards for employees and transport contractors
  • Audits to ensure compliance with operating standards
  • Global implementation of new behavioural transport safety driver training programme (ActSafe for Drivers)


75 transport safety auditors trained

23 percent of sites with transport activities audited

Around 1,500 participants in driver safety training sessions in South-East Asia


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50 percent reduction in the frequency rate of serious transport incidents (base year 2012)


Number of serious transport incidents down to 0.062 per million road kilometres


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Climate protection and energy efficiency





3 percent improvement in energy intensity in installed air separation plants (relative to 2008 baseline)


Goal achieved


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5 percent improvement in energy intensity in installed air separation plants (relative to 2008 baseline)


Average energy intensity 2013 already improved by 3.8 percent


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2 percent improvement in actual energy efficiency in our installed HyCO plants (relative to 2009 baseline)


New Goal


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Evaluation of ways to reduce CO2 emitted by transport service providers (scope 3 emissions)


Use of larger tanks to reduce transport journeys; transport costs reduced by around EUR 500,000 in Germany in 2013

Driver training targets fuel conservation


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Development of a strategy for sustainable water use in water-stressed regions


Measures and goals evaluated on various sites in order to optimise the sustainable use of water

Pilot study in Great Britain


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Further key environmental areas





Evaluation of additional quantitative environmental protection goals

Long-term goal

Pilot project in South-East Asia on waste-management optimisation completed; findings to serve as a basis for the development of further measures


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New goal

In progress

Target reached