Customer relationships

A focus on the customer is a key pillar of our HPO (High Performance Organisation) efficiency improvement programme. Our Customer Experience Management programme comprises measures which help us better understand our customers’ needs and wishes.

One-third of Linde Gas’s revenue comes from around 500 major customers. These customers are the focus of Linde’s global key customer management, which is active at global, regional and national levels. A team of experts monitors local activities and passes on information about new developments, initiatives and improvement measures. In so doing, we increase transparency, learn from each other and share success stories worldwide.

In recent years, we have invested more than EUR 5 million in training and certifying our sales professionals. Our aim is to keep improving our employees’ technical knowledge, professionalism and expertise.

We have implemented global guidelines for our query/complaint management. These outline the procedures required to ensure that:

  • customer complaints are recorded and processed promptly and are properly monitored,
  • customer complaints are followed by an appropriate reaction that rectifies the situation,
  • the customer receives feedback as to what is being done to prevent a recurrence of the situation.

customers included in satisfaction survey

In 2013, we conducted a pilot project with around 3,000 customers in various countries. As part of this project, we carried out a survey which covered issues such as customer satisfaction, the criteria which influence customers’ purchasing decisions and the likelihood that they would recommend Linde to others. The subsequent findings are helping us improve our customer management on a global scale. Measures based on the findings are due to be implemented in 2014.

We once again received recognition from a number of different business partners in the reporting year. For example, customers in India and the US recognised Linde for its special contributions to safety.