Our environmental management programme includes an examination of the potential impact of our activities on biodiversity. When planning new locations, we use standard procedures to assess the effect on the environment. We take international recommendations into consideration, such as the UN voluntary guidelines on biodiversity-inclusive impact assessment. Most of our locations are in industrial or commercial zones. However, if there are protected areas or other sensitive habitats in the immediate vicinity of our sites, we take steps to ensure that we minimise any adverse impact: for example, by introducing noise protection measures.

We also include stakeholders in our plant planning process where appropriate. In 2012, our location at Immingham in the UK ran a joint competition with the Humber Industry Nature Conservation Association. School pupils were invited to submit ideas for incorporating flora and fauna into the site of a new acetylene facility. The winning suggestion for revitalising the site included new planting, refuges for wildlife and a natural pond, and was duly implemented in 2013.