Safety and environmental protection



improvement in energy efficiency for installed HyCO plants by 2015


serious transport incidents by 2017


energy intensity for installed air separation plants by 2017



in South–East Asia provided with safety training designed to avoid accidents with motorcyclists


serious transport incidents in 2013 compared to previous year

million tonnes of CO2 emissions

avoided as a result of the improvement in the energy intensity of air separation plants, average energy intensity improved by 3.8%

million EUR cost savings

with energy efficiency projects in 2013

recycling rate

in UK as a result of a pilot project for waste management


Improving environmental management:

findings from waste management pilot projects in South-East Asia and in the UK to be extended to other countries; plans to obtain ISO 14001 certification for more engineering sites

Raising safety awareness:

global initiative planned which will cover the most important safety issues

Product responsibility:

investment of EUR 3 million planned to improve product safety data sheets and to refine the labelling of products for transportation purposes


We have implemented Group-wide safety and environmental protection management systems. These focus in particular on the Group's sites, the transportation of products and product use by Linde customers. Our main priorities are to minimise safety risks and the Group's environmental impact, and to ensure that we use energy, resources and materials efficiently. Through our products and services, we help our customers to make their business processes safer and more environmentally friendly.

Our management systems for safety and environmental protection are based on global standards and guidelines, and we conduct audits to verify compliance with these voluntary commitments. In order to analyse potential weaknesses, we have also implemented a global process for the documentation and evaluation of events relevant to safety and environmental protection. Near-misses from which the Group can learn important lessons are also recorded in this way. In 2013, the Group prepared 59 information sheets describing major incidents, their main causes and the resulting measures, and circulated these internally.

We also draw up global risk management and emergency response plans to ensure that we are prepared for critical incidents. These are designed to protect employees and neighbours, as well as the Group's property. We take into account the potential impact on sites and business processes of such major adverse events as fires and explosions, natural disasters, crime and pandemics. When it comes to safety and environmental issues, we also cooperate with neighbourhood communities. In 2013, for instance, we worked with local authorities to carry out safety initiatives in several Asian countries.

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Audits, trainings and certified sites (in percent)



















Assured by KPMG


The figures disclosed relate to internal and external audits conducted at production sites worldwide.

Sites where occupational health and safety audits have been conducted1









Sites where environmental audits have been conducted1









Production sites certified to ISO 9001









Production sites certified to ISO 14001









Production sites certified to OHSAS 18001









Employees of Linde Gas who have taken up HSE training opportunities









As a result of the first-time application of the revised accounting standards, the sites in the scope of our reporting changed in the 2013 financial year. Accordingly, the key financial, environmental and employee KPIs for 2012 were adjusted retrospectively. In addition, the KPIs for employees, occupational health and safety and environmental protection for the year 2012 were retrospectively adjusted to account for the effects of the acquisition of the US homecare company Lincare. To ensure that figures for 2012 and 2013 are comparable, we reported the full year 2012 for Lincare.

We systematically train our employees in occupational health and safety, product safety and environmental risks. In 2013, we also launched a global campaign to raise our employees' awareness of the safety issues of particular relevance to the Group. Around 30,000 employees received training on tasks with increased risks and around 20,000 employees were provided with training on working at height. Other training programmes are planned for 2014.

Once again during the reporting year, we received several awards in recognition of our commitment to environmental and safety management issues. Among the accolades were awards from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) for transport and plant safety. We also received awards in Belgium and Thailand for our measures to reduce our environmental impact, such as CO2 emissions.

We consistently follow up on suggestions for improvement. During the reporting year, we received 24 environment-related complaints (2012: 14). These mainly concerned noise levels. In addition, 25 environmental incidents occurred that had to be reported to the authorities (2012: 29). These resulted in small environmental fines and penalties amounting to around EUR 14,000 (2012: EUR 29,000).

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