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Social commitment

We are involved in a variety of projects across the world in proximity to our sites. We focus on initiatives which are linked with our business activities, and are, above all, committed to projects in the field of education. We also support a range of local activities covering such areas as safety, environmental protection, health and social affairs. These activities are based on the needs which have been identified in the individual regions where Linde operates. Cross-regional involvement in such projects is coordinated by the Group’s Corporate Centre, whereas local initiatives are being organised by managers in the region concerned.

In 2013, Linde provided funds of more than EUR 6.8 million for donations, sponsorship and voluntary memberships (other than of trade associations). Of this amount, around EUR 2.7 million was in the form of donations. This allowed us to support more than 170 projects worldwide. Through our initiatives during the year under review, we reached around 70,000 children, school pupils and students.


children, pupils and students reached through corporate citizenship initiatives

As well as making financial donations, Linde also donates products. For example, we provided the hydrogen used to fill fuel-cell vehicles in the Shell Eco-marathon, a competition designed to promote sustainable mobility. In the Healthcare business, one of our projects involved the donation of medical oxygen and helium to a children’s charity in Greece.

Through selected initiatives, we also support corporate volunteering, by granting staff time off work to volunteer or by topping up employees' donations. In several regions, institutional programmes are in place at Linde that combine corporate donations, employee donations and volunteering. In North America, for example, the Group and more than 830 employees donated over USD 480,000 in 2013 as part of a programme entitled "Linde Cares". Many employees of the region also got personally involved in social projects. In early 2014, we adopted a global corporate volunteering guideline.

Access to education

By the end of 2013, more than 12,000 students had attended courses offered by the Carl von Linde Academy. Based at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), this institution provides up-and-coming engineers, IT experts and natural scientists with key skills that extend beyond the limits of their theoretical subjects, covering such areas as business ethics and innovation. Linde has supported the development of the Academy, donating foundation capital of more than EUR 8 million.


students have enrolled in the Carl von Linde Academy’s courses.

During the reporting year we extended our cooperation with the Schloss Hansenberg boarding school (ISH) in Hesse in Germany. In the context of a public-private partnership, Linde is now the school’s key partner from the business sector. The school fosters the talents of pupils with particularly strong academic and social skills. We have been involved with the ISH since 2007 and more than 490 pupils have completed their schooling there during this time.

We also sponsor scientific or technical exhibitions, experiments and competitions in several countries. In Munich, home to the Group’s Corporate Centre, we are one of the founding members of the Deutsches Museum Future Initiative, the aim of which is to modernise the largest technology museum in the world. We are supporting the initiative with financial backing which will total EUR 5 million by 2018.


In keeping with our particular focus on safety, we are involved in a range of community road safety projects across several countries. One example is the comprehensive safety programme for young road users in Australia and New Zealand.


children participated in the Child Road Safety Programme organised by Gist.

During 2013, more than 13,000 children participated in the Child Road Safety Programme organised by Gist, our logistics division. As part of this programme, truck drivers regularly visit primary schools, taking their vehicles with them, to raise pupils' awareness of the importance of road safety.

Emergency aid

In 2013, Linde provided emergency aid in several of the world's regions. Following the floods in Germany in early summer 2013, we matched the donations made by our employees in Germany, resulting in total aid of EUR 150,000. During the reporting year, Linde staff and the Group also donated more than USD 170,000 to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.