Labour and social standards

In our Code of Conduct, which is binding on the entire Group, we commit to the principles of the UN Human Rights Charter and the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Through regular reviews across all the regions, we collate information on the processes that the Group has put in place to ensure compliance with labour standards and the upholding of human rights. Furthermore, labour standards are the subject of consultations with employee representatives.

Contacts persons for


employees in Benelux countries trained on the subject of workplace harassment

To detect potential weaknesses, we evaluate the information supplied to the Integrity Hotline, a service that employees and external stakeholders can use to report any breaches of the Group's Code of Conduct. Around 36 percent of the reports received via the hotline in 2013 related to human resources issues. In the Benelux countries, a number of staff were given training on the subject of workplace harassment in the reporting year. This will enable them to act as points of contact for over 600 employees in the region.