Key material issues

Linde is continuously reviewing its focus, identifying topics that are relevant to the sustainability management of the Group as well as issues of particular interest to our stakeholders. On the basis of this materiality analysis, we determine focus areas for our corporate responsibility strategy and reporting. We draw on findings from internal workshops with specialists and strategy experts, and on insights from interdisciplinary working groups. During this process, we also consider information about environmental and social risks identified by our Enterprise Risk Management.

When selecting focus areas, we follow internationally recognised standards and recommendations in sustainability management and reporting, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and capital market requirements for sustainable business practices (SRI ratings). In the period under review, key topics for corporate responsibility at Linde included the responsible supply chain management, environmental goals, human rights, and labour and social standards. These aspects played a particular role in developing our focus further. At the start of 2013, for instance, Linde defined new goals for energy efficiency and climate protection.

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