Corporate responsibility (CR) is Linde’s contribution to sustainable development. As set out in its global corporate responsibility policy, the Group is committed to behaving responsibly towards people and the environment, to conserving natural resources and to developing sustainable products. Linde’s corporate responsibility management anchors these objectives in day-to-day business life. Through our global management systems, we incorporate our commitment to sustainability into business processes worldwide. We thus put our foundational principle of sustainability into practice. Sustainability is one of the four strategic principles underlying The Linde Spirit – our corporate philosophy. The Linde Spirit defines the values and foundational principles of the Group and applies to all Linde employees throughout the world. Our sustainability activities are based on the following criteria:

Integration into our core business: When developing its corporate responsibility activities, Linde considers its main business processes and the lifecycle of its products. We help our customers to develop more sustainable processes and expect our contractors and suppliers to join us in working towards our corporate responsibility goals.

Continuous improvement: Linde continually analyses how sustainability enables the Group to exploit business opportunities and to minimise risks. We use key performance indicators to compare sustainability performance across the world and set ourselves specific targets.

Engagement with stakeholders: Linde adapts its corporate responsibility activities to reflect the needs of its stakeholders and of its social environment.

Transparency: The Group reports regularly and publicly on the progress it has made in its focus areas for corporate responsibility.

We also respect international standards and guidelines, and align our corporate responsibility activities with these benchmarks. They include:

  • The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises
  • The core labour standards set down by the International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • The ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

Global Reporting Initiative



UN Global Compact

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