Transport safety

Transport incidents are one of the key safety issues that Linde focuses on. We are continuously working to further reduce the number and frequency of transport-related incidents, both in our own transport operations and in transport services provided by third parties. The number of serious transport incidents per million kilometres driven decreased again in the year under review, to 0.075 (2011: 0.077). As part of the global package of improvement measures for transport safety, we have set ourselves four goals:

  • To adopt all local and global minimum operating standards for transport and integrate them into the Group’s global standards database
  • To provide our employees and transport contractors concerned with training in these revised standards
  • To introduce an audit programme to verify compliance with these operating standards
  • To implement a new behavioural safety training for drivers, entitled “ActSafe for Drivers”

New goal

-50%frequency rate of serious transport incidents by 2017

We have determined a timeline for each of these goals. By the end of 2015, the aim is to have audited at least 60 percent of Linde sites with transport operations to determine the level of compliance with the standards. The ActSafe for Drivers training scheme is scheduled for implementation in at least 30 percent of sites by 2015. In Africa, for instance, more than 260 drivers received training by the end of 2012. Over 20 percent of drivers employed by Linde and contractors participated in the new ActSafe training courses within pilot projects since 2009. In the course of 2012, we also trained and certified 40 transport auditors.

We also provide practical rollover prevention training for drivers of heavy goods vehicles, which we extended to Eastern Europe and South Africa during the year under review. It is scheduled for implementation in Brazil and India during 2014. Linde also set itself a new, global transport safety target during the reporting year: to halve the frequency rate of serious transport incidents by the end of 2017 (in comparison with 2012 figures).

We systematically promote safe transport practices at Linde. Since 2007, our subsidiary in China has presented annual awards to drivers with the year's best safety records, for instance. The Group also works closely with communities and authorities on transport safety. In 2012, for example, Linde joined forces with local authorities in Bangladesh to conduct an emergency response exercise for transport incidents.

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