Safety at our sites

Risk to our employees, local residents or neighbouring companies from the operation of plants are identified and evaluated on the basis of an established process. In addition, over the past few years we have introduced a Group-wide management system so that major potential hazards at our plants can be recorded on a uniform basis worldwide. This programme, known as the Major Hazards Review Programme (MHRP), sets out the control mechanisms we have designed to limit these risks as far as possible.

67%of sites concerned certified to the Major Hazard Review Programme

By the end of 2012, 67 percent of the sites concerned had been certified in accordance with the MHRP. In order to be prepared for critical incidents, the Group has set up emergency plans on a global scale. These take into account major adverse events such as fires and explosions, whilst also considering the potential impact of natural disasters, crime and pandemics on the Group’s sites and business processes. So that the Group can react to these events, responsibilities have been allocated and decision-making channels have been established at local, regional and Group-wide level. During the reporting year, we introduced a new global guideline relating to the safety of employees who work in buildings on production sites. This guideline defines standards for identifying risks within the buildings and sets out measures to take in order to minimise the impact in the event of emergencies such as explosions.

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