Raw materials and resources

As one of the world’s leading producers of air gases, Linde’s most important raw material is air from the Earth’s atmosphere. Another resource crucial to our operations is energy. We also make use of other raw materials, ancillary materials and consumables. These include metals, required for example in the production of components. We also need gas cylinders and tanks, as well as various packaging materials. Gas cylinders are reused and refilled. A typical Linde cylinder will be used three and a half times a year on average and can last for decades.

We work together with our business partners to promote a responsible approach to the consumption of resources. Industrial gases from Linde can, for instance, be used to reduce emissions and energy requirements compared with conventional recycling processes when processing various materials, such as aluminium and rubber.

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Renewable raw materials

Linde technologies help promote the use of renewable raw materials. We have made progress in developing our process for obtaining hydrogen from liquid biogenic raw materials such as glycerine. This technology is now being upscaled to demonstration level in preparation for commercial use. Moreover, in 2012, the new Fraunhofer Centre for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes (CBP) opened in Leuna. As general contractor, Linde’s Engineering Division was responsible for building the process units and supporting infrastructure. The aim of the CBP is to upscale innovative biotechnological and chemical processes for commercial production, enabling companies to manufacture chemical base products from renewable raw materials.

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