Work-life balance

Linde helps its employees to reconcile their personal and professional goals. Staff have the option of a number of different flexible working models, ranging from flexitime or part-time hours to teleworking, and can also obtain assistance in finding childcare or care solutions for other family members. The various initiatives are based on specific local requirements. The Flexible Futures programme in the UK, for example, gives employees the opportunity to take up to twelve months off if they wish to complete a training course or pursue a private project. Part-time employees in the Group accounted for 1.9 percent of the workforce in the reporting year. In Germany, more than 300 employees took parental leave in 2012, of which around 37 percent were men. Over 190 employees returned to Linde from previous parental leave.

Linde supports its employees with organising childcare in several regions, including North America and Germany. In 2012, the Group increased its budget for a share of daycare places in Greater Munich. This means that the number of daycare places there can be increased from 20 to 45. In other German locations, more than 100 employees received a subsidy towards their childcare places.

Our employees work in countries with varying requirements governing hours of work per week. These standards are based on national regulations and collective wage agreements. As a rule, contracts for full-time employees stipulate a maximum working week of 48 hours worldwide.

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