Linde - a sustainable investment

The capital market assesses the sustainability performance of companies by ranking investments according to environmental and social criteria, also considering responsible business practices (socially responsible investment, SRI).

700 individual talks with financial analysts and investors

In 2012, Linde globally conducted more than 700 individual conversations with financial analysts and investors. During 41 conferences and roadshows, at several private investor events and in the course of plant visits, we offered our shareholders and potential investors the opportunity to speak with representatives of the Group, including members of the Executive Board. We presented the sustainability opportunities of our “Clean Technology” portfolio and our expanding Healthcare business at all these events.

Among Linde's shareholders, the proportion of SRI investors rose to over 4 percent in the period under review (2011: 3 percent). More than half of our ten largest shareholders publicly commit to the United Nations' Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

>4%of our investors are focused on sustainability

Linde is listed in various key sustainability indices and SRI ratings. In September 2012, Linde was added to the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World). Analysts from the Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) Group thereby acknowledged Linde's continuous improvement in the area of sustainability. We received particular recognition for activities in the areas of climate strategy, environmental management systems, and risk and crisis management. Linde was also added to Deutsche Börse's STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Index in the year under review. Additionally, in an analysis of 101 chemical companies conducted by the specialist sustainability rating agency oekom research, Linde received the top ranking in 2012.

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