Values and standards

Our values and principles form the basis for the way we do business. They are captured in the Linde Spirit. Our four key corporate values define how we plan to move towards our goals. Our fundamental principles define issues of key importance in this context – both inside and outside the company.


Passion to excel

We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever higher standards of excellence and we celebrate success.

Innovating for customers

We relentlessly pursue new ways of adding value to  external customers.

Empowering people

People are given the space to contribute and grow.

Thriving through diversity

Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions.

Our principles


We do not want to harm people.


Our actions are honest, fair and ethical.


We focus on today’s success and accept our responsibility for future generations.


Every human being deserves to be treated with respect.


Our internal guidelines and standards define how we implement values and principles throughout the company. The Code of Ethics describes rules for a conduct that aligns with legal and internal corporate regulations. It defines clear standards that govern our relationships with our customers and suppliers, with authorities and other business partners, and with each other. The Code of Ethics is binding for all employees of Linde AG and its affiliates worldwide. Linde also encourages business partners to apply the standards defined in the Code of Ethics. We have developed additional, internal guidelines and standards that further outline our commitment in core areas.

  • Our corporate responsibility policy defines the key areas and fundamental principles that shape responsible business at Linde.
  • In our global Group policy on safety, health, environment and quality, we set out our commitment to mitigating harm to people and the environment to the best of our ability.
  • Our procurement principles provide a framework for our dealings with business partners and outline how we expect them to behave.
  • Compliance guidelines help ensure compliance with laws.

International standards

We also recognise and promote international standards and guidelines, and align our corporate responsibility activities with these benchmarks. They include:

  • The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises
  • The principles set down in the conventions of International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • The principles of the UN Global Compact

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Global Compact

This page contains information that is relevant to the ten principles of UN Global Compact.

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