Stakeholder engagement

The trust of our stakeholders is a vital success factor for us. Which is why we maintain dialogue with key stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, non-government organisations (NGOs), politicians, academic and research circles, neighbours and the general public.

Linde stakeholders

Linde Group stakeholders (graphic)

We communicate with our stakeholders in a number of ways:

  • Employee surveys and interdisciplinary working groups on sustainability issues
  • Personal discussions with investors, customers, journalists and NGOs
  • Participation in public political discussions
  • Collaboration with sustainability networks such as UN Global Compact

Our CR department answered over 1,400 inquiries on sustainability issues from stakeholders in 2011. We use our findings also to identify priorities for our sustainability management and our reporting. Dialogue with stakeholders in 2011 centred on a number of key issues including sustainability performance across our supply chain and the deployment of environmentally sound, energy-efficient technologies to reduce CO2 emissions. Economic and environmental friendly energy supply was also a key topic in talks with politicians in 2011. We make our position on issues public – both as a company and within the framework of different associations.

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Global Compact

This page contains information that is relevant to the ten principles of UN Global Compact.


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