Risk management

At Linde, we have implemented systems that enable us to identify, evaluate and minimise business, environmental and social risks in all of our central business processes.

Our Group risk management system covers sustainability risks. These include issues such as environmental, safety, HR and legal risks, along with risks resulting from political, legal and social upheaval or from pandemics. In 2011, we further specified our risk categories relating to human rights and social issues. Our SHEQ management systems enable us to identify and minimise safety, health, environment and quality risks. These management systems are closely aligned with the individual workflows in the various business units. We involve contractors and other suppliers in our activities here.

We continue to expand our global compliance programme to ensure that legal regulations and our voluntary commitments are upheld. In order to assess compliance with social standards and human rights we performed a global survey to ascertain which processes have been implemented. Moreover, we provide an external hotline for reporting suspected violations.

We also hardwire safety, environmental and social aspects into our supply chain management. When selecting suppliers, for example, we use risk analyses and audits on the individual areas to assess supplier suitability. We maintain continuous dialog with stakeholders. This enables us to identify new issues at an early stage and assess their relevance for our business activities.

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Global Compact

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