Linde as a sustainable investment

The capital market assesses the sustainability performance of companies by ranking investments in line with responsible business criteria (socially responsible investments, SRI).

In 2011, we conducted more than 550 individual conversations with financial analysts and investors the world over. At 34 conferences and roadshows on three continents, we have offered our shareholders and potential investors the opportunity to speak with us. At each of these events, we also presented the sustainability opportunities of our clean technology portfolio. By the end of 2011, SRI investors held 2.73 percent of Linde shares. Furthermore, half of our ten largest shareholders publicly commit to the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

The Linde Group already ranks highly in several SRI ratings. In spring 2011, Linde was included in the Global Challenges Index, a sustainability index on the Hannover Stock Exchange. It comprises fifty companies whose product and services portfolios promote sustainable development and unlock opportunities for continued growth in the future. In 2011, Swiss rating agency SAM placed Linde in the top 15 percent of companies in its sector on the basis of the Group’s sustainability performance. We aim to qualify for further SRI indices and funds.

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