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Full report  84 pages  5.4 MB
CR summary  20 pages  3 MB
About this report  5 pages  248 kB
Strategy and management  21 pages  953 kB
Environment and safety  17 pages  910 kB
Employees  14 pages  588 kB
Corporate citizenship  4 pages  221 kB
Performance  15 pages  714 kB
Assurance  2 pages  78 kB
The following XLS files are available
All tables (29) of the report (indexed)  288 kB
Sales and operating profit by business segment  16 kB
Our values  17 kB
Our principles  14 kB
Greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents   16 kB
Emissions to water  16 kB
Resources and materials (in tonnes)  15 kB
Waste  17 kB
Air emissions  16 kB
Employees  16 kB
Proportion of women (in percent)  16 kB
Financial indicators and governance (Key figures): Financial indicators  22 kB
Financial indicators and governance (Key figures): Governance  15 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Use of resources  41 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Emissions  21 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Waste and Recycling   17 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Transport  15 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Audits und trainings   16 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Certified locations  15 kB
Environment and safety (Key figures): Environmental incidents  15 kB
Employees (Key figures): Employment structure  31 kB
Employees (Key figures): Diversity  17 kB
Employees (Key figures): Training  16 kB
Employees (Key figures): Occupational health and safety  17 kB
GRI Index  61 kB
Global Compact  22 kB
GRI Application Level  15 kB
Our goals: Strategy and management  44 kB
Our goals: Corporate citizenship  21 kB


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    Our goals: Strategy and management
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