Focus on transport safety

Transport incidents have a particularly high profile within the safety risks we monitor. We aim to further reduce the frequency of transport-related accidents – among our own transport fleets and those of our contractors. The number of serious transport incidents involving trucks per million kilometres driven was at around 0.077 in 2011 and showed an improvement of 10 percent compared to the previous year. This development was down to improved levels of compliance to our transport operating standards.

Global targets

To ensure a safe and secure logistics chain from source to customer, we continued our efforts in transport safety in 2011 by deployment of our package of global transport safety measures comprising implementation of four components:

  • Revision of local and global minimum transport safety standards and integration of those standards in our global standards database for drivers and contractors
  • Employee training sessions covering these standards
  • Pilot Audit programmes in higher risk geographies to check compliance with these standards
  • Global implementation of new transport safety driver training programme (ActSafe for Drivers)

We committed to having at least 95 percent of our transport standards to be reviewed and incorporated in our global transport database and to implement the associated employee training measures by the end of 2012. By the end of 2015, we intend to have audited compliance with these standards at 60 percent minimum of all sites involved in transport and to implement the ActSafe for Drivers training at 30 percent minimum of the sites.

In 2011 we have made good progress on ensuring that all of our 12,500 drivers received some form of training from our package, for example an induction and refresher training. Nearly 10 percent of Linde and contractor drivers received the new ActSafe for Drivers training during 2011 as part of our pilot programmes. In 2011 we have also been training auditors so we have the capability to audit compliance with our transport standards in the coming years. We have for almost a decade been providing many of our European drivers with specialist practical truck rollover avoidance training. During 2011 we successfully extended this to New Zealand, Australia and South Africa and expect to roll out this to at least two further countries in 2012.

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